About Us

I've loved animals my whole life . . . sometimes, I feel like Dr. Doolittle . . .  but I couldn't imagine it any another way!  The world is a much better place when your critters are in it.  Growing up on a working ranch, I had cattle dogs until 2002, when we brought our first Lab, Sophie, into our family.  The way she was with my son melted my heart and I've been smitten with Labradors ever since.  My son, Wyatt was only 2 years old then and a cowboy at heart (like he had much of a choice, lol) and Sophie would patiently let him calf-tie her and lay perfectly still so he could "brand" her, then get up and wait by his side for their next grand adventure.  Over the years we've had a handful of Labs, always a part of our family and always on the go with me and my three boys.  Still to this day, if I look outside and I don't see the kids or dogs, I know they are off making memories.  The dogs always watching out for their boys.