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If I had to describe Cash in one word, it would be . . . LOVE.  She is all love, and all heart, all the time.  She just makes the world a better place with her calm, happy nature.  She has a quiet confidence about her and takes everything we do, or everywhere we go, in stride.  So much so, that she has become a service dog for my middle son.  She helps him gain independence in stores and other public places, where he might otherwise get confused or lost; and at 17 years old, he says, it doesn't hurt that she's a "chick magnet". lol  She's very intelligent and learns quickly.  Cash always makes us laugh with some look she'll give one of us; especially, if you're the one that has food.  She lives and sleeps in the house with us, and takes a turn on everybody's bed, before settling in for the night, with me.  She loves to play in the creek, go with us on trail rides, walk with the boys and their show hogs; and she's always "supervising" in the barn, likes to fetch the ball and play with our other dogs.  We love her unconditionally and think everyone in the world should have a "Cashy".  


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